Where the spirits earn their way to the beyond by helping out the living and breathing in Hanshou Town.
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 Main Rules

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PostSubject: Main Rules   Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:43 pm

~ Don't be mean or negative in any way. We're all here to have fun so make it fun for everyone by being nice and positive.
~ No perfect characters or godmodding. It is annoying to have to deal with those characters.
~ You can have up to three spirits and five humans.
~ Some of the spirits will be a part of the Black Prison, but trust me they do have a role here.
~ Teacher positions, Mayor, and all those good positions are open for now.
~ The spirits are ruled by three beings. The Queen. The King. The Gatekeeper.
*The Queen and King positions are the only open ones for now.
~ No cussing unless you use these ***
~ No sexual references. Please. I'm begging you. I mean I understand if it is for a small joke, but no over the top things. Kay?
~ Post any questions in the questions topic.
~ Right now...I'm the only one who can approve characters. Later on the Important Humans and Ruling Spirits may approve the characters that fall under their reign.

Have fun!
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Main Rules
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