Where the spirits earn their way to the beyond by helping out the living and breathing in Hanshou Town.
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 Kyoku, Yoake

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PostSubject: Kyoku, Yoake   Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:25 pm

Broken Spirit Payback

First Name: Yoake

Last Name: Kyoku

Nicknames: Ice-chan, Gatekeeper Assistant-chan, Maid-chan

Race: Snow Elf

Class: Gatekeeper's Spirit/Gatekeeper's Assistant

Appearance: Yoake has blond hair that comes all the way down to her lower back. She also has sky blue eyes that seem very shallow since they never reveal her inner emotions. Yoake has the body of an seven year old girl, but then again she was only seven when she died. She is shorter than most of the spirits. She's actually the only spirit who is shorter than Beru. She is also incredibly pale and fragile looking...both of these things are traits of the Snow Elves. She also has pointed ears though the point isn't that noticeable. Her face either has a small smirk, a wide grin, or a small smile...besides that her face is a blank mask. She tends to wear a knee-length baby blue maid dress with long sleeves. She also wears a baby blue bow on the top of her head. Her white apron is always on even if she isn't in the kitchen or cleaning. She also wears black mary janes and baby blue socks that come up to the end of her dress. She carries around a small plush rabbit that is wearing a brown vest and red bowtie.

Power: Yoake's power is rather hard to name. Most refer to it as 'Doppelganger.' Yoake can change any part of her body into anything she has seen and studied. She is known to transform into the Gatekeeper to trip some of the other spirits. The one problem she has is that if she hasn't meet the person then she can't accurately portray their personality. The drawback is that it burns a lot of calories. Yoake's power has also been known to turn her completely invisible in the Human's realm.

Personality/Attitude: Yoake is younger of the Kyoku twins. She is also the more childish and more hyper-active. She loves to do things. She can never sit still. This is why she is constantly putting on one man shows in the Gatekeeper's office. She hates paperwork, but she loves the surprise visits from Beru. Yoake hardly ever displays emotions. She has only three emotions: happy, irratated, and mad. Yoake is never spacey or serious. She keeps a childish air that has a hint of a down-to-earth flavor in it.

Goals: 1) To make as many spirits believe she is the Gatekeeper in a day as possible; 2) To be able to accurately portray Seion (only person she has known for a while and can't protray correctly)

Likes: Tricks, maid outfits, her twin, snow, the dawn, stars, the cold, plays, and wolves

Dislikes: Peace, spy outfits, Hezaa, beaches, dusk, the sun, the heat, paperwork, and foxes

Fears: Noon time rush, Noon, The heat of Noon, and Kesa

How you died?: Yoake is one of the few that has felt an emotion overload courtesy of her twin. Yoake and Yuki had been playing in their garden when Yuki suddenly stopped moving. Yoake immediately began to worry about him. Her mother yelled 'Stop' right has Yoake's right hand landed on Yuki's shoulder. She immediately went into shock. She never felt her hand leaving her brother's shoulder or her fall to the ground. All she realized was that hours later she was laying on the ground in front of the Gatekeeper. The emotions that coursed through her when she touched her brother completely shut down her body. The doctors couldn't get to her in time to restart her heart before she departed from the living world.

Family: Yuki Kyoku - twin brother (older one)
Akari Kyoku - mother
Lukas Kyoku - father

Other Family: Gatekeeper - adopted mother
Queen Spirit - adopted aunt
Lady Spirit - adopted aunt
King Spirit - adopted uncle

History: Yoake was only a part of the human world for seven years. In those seven years she only played with her twin and went to school like a good little girl. Usually someone like her would just pass straight to the beyond, but for some reason she was forced to stay. Yoake believes that all the emotions that passed through her tainted her and caused her to stay, but she doesn't mind. After her death she began to visit her brother as a spirit. Her brother was always waiting to play with her when she arrived. Her mother and father never saw her, but she was certain they heard her twin's stories. Her family moved only a month after she died. Yoake of course was a Gatekeeper spirit, so she couldn't go with them. She stopped visiting her twin for a few weeks, and she regretted it when she saw him the next time. She finally decided that her twin needed to move on. She explored Hanshou and happened to see Seion and Kurin racing home from school on day. She decided they would be the ones to look after her twin. She set up their meeting and her disappearacne. She didn't really disappear though. She changed her appearance and took on the avaliable maid job at Diamond's Dinner and Movie. Yoake quickly rose through the ranks of the Gatekeeper's spirits. She never let the Gatekeeper's or anyone else's comments keep her down. She quickly proved to be the best canidate to become the Gatekeeper's first assistant. With a little help from Beru she gained that title, and now there is no turning back for her.
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Kyoku, Yoake
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