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 Kyoku, Yuki

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PostSubject: Kyoku, Yuki   Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:53 pm

Broken Spirit Payback

First Name: Yuki

Last Name: Kyoku

Nicknames: Yuu, Usagi, Snow, Bunny-tan

Age/Gender: 15/Male

Race: Snow Elf

Position in Town: Student at Dusk High

Appearance: Yuki has blond hair that never seems to be out of place in anyway unlike his best friend's hair. He also has golden amber eyes that seem to see through everything. He tends to wear a white short-sleeve button up shirt with navy pants. He also wears a navy blue scarf and white tennis shoes that have a blue cross on the outer side. He is a bit taller than Seion, but he is still below the average heigh for boys his age. He has a smaller build than Seion and is a lot paler, but those are common traits among Snow Elves. He like all elves has pointed ears, but Snow Elves don't have very pointy ears.

Weapon: Yuki uses a silver bow that has a spiral pattern that some say they see leaves in. This pattern is etched into the bow and is black. The drawstring is invisible to most people, but Yuki has no problem seeing it. Yuki makes his own arrows in his spare time, so most of the arrows are usually extremely sharp twigs that make a surprisingly big impact. Yuki's sheath is white with the same spiral pattern in grey on it.

Power: Yuki has a power known as Empathy. This power lets him feel and sense others emotions. Yuki has shown that he can alter emotions slightly, but he can't do anything drastic. Yuki feels all emotions ten times the strength that the owner of the said emotion feels them at. If anyone touches Yuki in one of his rare emotion overloads then they could be killed instantly. He wars a navy blue scarf to keep from being hounded with emotions from up to a thousand miles away. His power is the drawback.

Personality/Attitude: Yuki is a bit more outgoing than Seion but not that much more. Yuki is an internal pessimist that couldn't careless about what the would thinks of him. Yuki is very blunt and serious, but he is known to go off in Lala Land quite frequently. He is usually very timid and kind, but he has thrown that all away in favor of standing up for some of the Elementary school kids. Yuki likes to help people, and he is the opposite of Seion: he doesn't always have to finish things, and he would never leave someone behind.

Goals: 1) Learn as much as he can so that one day he can become the Pre-K or Kindergarden teacher at Midnight Elementary; 2) Visit his sister's grave and deliever her favorite type of flowers personally

Likes: Young children, peace, quiet, books, nature, feeling nothing, the night, and the stars

Dislikes: Know it alls, bullies, emotions, noise, and predicted futures

Fears: Knowning what should be the unknown, Not living up to his parents' expectations, Disappointing his dead twin

Special Skill: Extremely good eyesight. This is needed if you want to be able to hit a far off target with a bow. Yuki can see about as good as a hawk. He is also incredibly flexible. This comes in handy when he needs to duck attacks while preparing his next shot. Like all Snow Elves he is incredilbly fast and quiet when in the woods or anywhere.

Bad Habbits: Yuki's bad habbit is that he hangs onto things for a long time. He would never have gotten over his twin if she hadn't set him up to meet Seion and Kurin. Yuki's other bad habbit is that he makes assumptions very quickly. He usually doesn't know all the facts, but then again he keeps all his thoughts to himself.

Family: Yoake Kyoku - twin sister (younger one, dead)
Akari Kyoku - mother
Lukas Kyoku - father

Other Family: Hezaa Mizumi - adopted mother
Seion Mizumi - adopted brother
Kurin Suzuki - adopted cousin

History: Yuki and his parents moved to Hanshou soon after Yuki turned seven. It was only a month after his twin passed away. Yuki at the time didn't want to have anything to do with the outside world. He kept to the garden waiting for his sister to come and play with him. One day his twin drug him out of the garden and into town. She set him up to meet Seion Mizumi and his cousin, Kurin Suzuki. Seion was seven at the time as well while Kurin was nine. Seion and Yuki became instant best friends, and by the end of three years the two as well as Kurin were inseperable. Yuki always gave thanks to his sister for introducing him to the cousins. Yuki began attending the Hanshou school system the year he was supposed to start middle school. He ended up testing out of all the elementary classes and into Seion's class. The two proved to be a scary alliance against their teachers when they needed to be. Yuki thought that things would always be as peaceful as they had always been for the last eight years. He was wrong.
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Kyoku, Yuki
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