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 Info on Avaliable Races (Incomplete)

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PostSubject: Info on Avaliable Races (Incomplete)   Sat Nov 28, 2009 3:13 pm

~ Elves: Usually on the shorter side and lithe. They all have pointy ears. All elves can control the element they are named after.
* Snow Elves: One of the least common types of elves around. Snow Elves are extremely pale and small. They have the least amount of point in their ears. They're usually the shortest out of all the elves. They're also the fastest and have the best aiming skills. They're probably the weakest and have the worst stamina. They prefer the cold, and the heat usually makes them sick. They can control ice and water.
* Flame Elves: One of the more common elves. They are the tallest of all the races. The closest to them in height is the Dark Elves. Flame Elves are the biggest build wise and have the most noticeable point in their ears. They are the second darkest of all the elves. Flame Elves are the strongest and have the most stamina, but the lack in aim and flexability. They can control fire.
* Wind Elves: These elves are the same height as Nature Elves, but those elves disappeared a long time ago. They are imbetween all the other elves in height and skin tone. Wind Elves are very fast and have incredible stamina, but they lack in strength and accuracy. They control wind, and the point of their ears varies elf to elf.
* Light Elves: The weakest elf there is. They are only taller than the Snow Elves, and they are only darker than the Snow Elves. The point in their ears is second only to the Flame Elves. They have not strength except for their speed and flexability. They control light.
* Dark Elves: The second strongest of all the elves. They are the darkest of all the elves and second tallest. Their builds tend to vary, and the point in their ears is very subtle. Dark Elves control darkness.

~ Vampires: The creatures that stalk the night. Not always. These vampires aren't like most people imagine. They can go out into the light, but they can't stand silver. They are incredibly fast and strong, but they aren't allowed to feast on people. All the vampires are forced to drink animal blood.

~ Angels: The creatures with the white wings and halos. Angels are generally very soft spoken and kind. They can fly and manipulate light. They tend to have amazing stamina and speed, but they lack on the strength department.

~ Demons: Varies Demon to Demon. Try to explain a bit when you create your demonic character.

~ Humans: We're all humans. Just like us.

~ Nekos: Come up with your own neko traits, and I'll add them to the list.
* Wolf Nekos: Wolf Nekos are incredibly lithe and strong. They are usually very fast, but they tend to rely mostly on brute strength instead of stealth.
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Info on Avaliable Races (Incomplete)
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