Where the spirits earn their way to the beyond by helping out the living and breathing in Hanshou Town.
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 Info on the Basic Idea for this Site

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PostSubject: Info on the Basic Idea for this Site   Sat Nov 28, 2009 3:39 pm

So the whole thing takes place in a town called Hanshou.
The town is surrounded to the north by St. Laurel's Mountain, to Myrtle Lake to the east, and to the west and south is Widow's Woods.
Many, many, many years ago the town was destroyed by a fire that started in Widow's Cabin which was located in the very center of Widow's Woods. The fire destroyed everything in town and the woods. The woods were the first thing to reapper, so for a while the town was just a clearing between the moutain, lake, and woods.
Then settlers from all over the world stumbled onto the clearing. They completely destroyed the clearing and everything around it. Another fire was started in Widow's Cabin which was the only thing to survive the first fire. It was also the only thing to survive the second fire.
The old widow who lives there put a curse on the land and all its future inhabitants. The curse went that those who died couldn't move on until the problems of the future generation were solved or they paid off their debts to society. The curse eventually spread all over the world since people came and went through Hanshou on their travels.
Hanshou was rebuilt for the second time, but this time a ruling system was set up with a council and mayor. The council was made up of the Chief of Police and the Principals of Midnight Elementary, Twilight Middle, Dusk High, and Dawn University as well as the Mayor. The council held meetings each month to fix the damage to the mountains and lake.
Slowly over time Hanshou was returned to its former glory, but with that glory brought the problems that caused its first downfall.
The citizens of Hanshou have begun to take their home for granted. They could care less about their beautiful home and more about themselves.
There are once again corrupt people running the town, but not all the council members are corrupt. Because of this barely noticeable conflicts have sprung up. The conflicts are being stopped by some unknown force though.
This force is the spirits that died and have to pay off their debts to society by helping the people of Hanshou.
These spirits are ruled by three people. The Queen Spirit, The King Spirit, and The Gatekeeper.
The three are all in charge of different places in the spirit's realm.
The Queen is in charge of Lilac Tower which is where all new spirits are trained. The King is in charge of Hollow Prison which is where all the incredibly evil spirits are kept. The Gatekeeper is in charge of the portal that connects the Living Realm with the Spirit Realm.
The Head of the Spirit Police looks after White Castle for the three rulers. White Castle is the home of every spirit and where they get their assignments.
Though not all the evil spirits are in prison. Some are still free and plotting to let lose the ones trapped in prison. If these spirits get out they could encourage the little fighting going on in Hanshou.
The other problem is that some of the youth are beginning to see that things aren't as peaceful as they seem. They want to find out what is going on, but the spirits can't let them do that since if they found out they could awaken the Gods of the Day and Night. If the gods are awoken then everyone on Earth will perish in bloody flames.
That is all I have so far.
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Info on the Basic Idea for this Site
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