Where the spirits earn their way to the beyond by helping out the living and breathing in Hanshou Town.
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 Sacre, Raziel

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PostSubject: Sacre, Raziel   Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:22 pm

Broken Spirit Payback

First Name:

Last Name:

Paria, raz, sire.


Queen's Spirit

Raziel has short black spiky hair that goes down to his neck, since he was alive he had pale skin this is the only thing that never really changed, he has black eyes that seem to not change doe to his constant state of boredoom, hes tall around 5'8 the only thing that he doesnt like about himself is his figure a lot of people made fun od him becase it was too femenine. he wears a dark hoodie that is in the same state that his jeans and shoes; Raziel doesnt mind his outfit being so old and used. he never goes out without three things, A hot cup of something, Cigarettes and a book.

Ability to determine location of items in the environment by use of reflected sound waves, whether generated by the character or ambient sound. Also known as sonar or radar sense. the bad thing about this power is if he isnt Near the area he wants to read he cant do it.

Raziel is a sad spirit by nature, he loves art and its variations he can be brave un his own way, he likes what he does and says that dead feels nicer than being alive.Most of the time he's quiet and cute when he's not bored and isnt the talkative kind, he can also be mean but that would include moving.

Find inner peace.
Help in any way posible.
Stop Smoking.

Books, Art, Music, Rain, Cold days, cute animals.

Noice, Nonsense, Hot days, his coffe being cold , confusion.

Being alone, the darkness, sometimes tunder storms.

How you died?:
Once you fall you loose everything they say, since i had nothing to loose i never got to feel that. i had no family not even a dog.I died the 24th of december 8:53 i dont remember that much of that night, i was drunk; as far as i go is up to hearing a gunshot, blacking out and then opening my eyes one last time in the hospital. Wierd usually in the irish neigbourhoods they dont do that.


I was born a 10th of May in boston, Massachusetts.
i was named after Raziel the angel of secrets, He kept the Desire's and Dreams of those with faith in god. just like i kept my mom.
she worked all day almost never saw her but i did love her.
i was quite happy, until one day that i remember well. mom got sick, it was a cold day one of those that you just know even if it went like hell, you wouldnt mind it because its just perfetct.
i didnt went to school that day, her fever ended up killing her, she was weak. not having anything else i went away after her funeral, i was the only one there.
i packed a few things, and started walking, only stoping for food and rest. i didnt do much after it, returned to boston and ended my days there. i was alive for 26 years. and in all that time i did nothing of my life, even i find that boring.i meet a few people alright but that was still nothing, i never did anything special, just walk.
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PostSubject: Re: Sacre, Raziel   Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:27 pm

This character has been approved.

Character will be moved to approved section.

The character's class can be 'Queen's Spirit.'
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Sacre, Raziel
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