Where the spirits earn their way to the beyond by helping out the living and breathing in Hanshou Town.
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 Hiranu Fujikosi, Deliah

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PostSubject: Hiranu Fujikosi, Deliah   Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:28 pm

Broken Spirit Payback

First Name:Deliah

Middle Name:Hiranu

Last Name:Fujikosi

Nicknames: Deli, Haru, Hiri, Fuji, Deli-Sama, Deli-chan

Race: Half-Usagi(loves same food)/Half-Angel

Class: Queen's Assistant

Appearance: You can usually see Deliah's hair tied up in two ponytails on the sides of her head. She has her hair tied up all the time. Her hair is purple, and her eyes change shades and colors depending on how her mood is like. Sometimes, she wears soldier or British Soldier clothes when doing her work or guarding an item needed to. Her clothes are usually normal jeans and blouses or button-up shirts, which sometimes have buttons. She uses ribbon or normal circular ties to tie up her hair, with only one color always. Black. Her shoes are flats, high-heels when needed, converses, sneakers, straps, and ballet-shoes. They are only of two styles and colors: Blue and red, plaid and plain.

Power: Deliah's power is to move quick. She likes to call 'Transferring'. How it works is that when she needs work done in a short amount of time, she can stop time to complete or just do it in a zap. It also means when someone is attacking she can attack quicker or dodge very fast. Sometimes, the time stopping doesn't always work because it needs great effort and power to do it. Since Deliah is not very strong, she can at least do it three times a week when needed to.

Personality/Attitude: Deliah is a caring person for those who need and deserve it. She can be cold and ruthless, non-sweet like person as she usually is. She doesn't fuss much, but can be stubborn. Her personality changes with the difficulties and easy processes during the time. She doesn't need anyone to tell her what to twice, she does it before they can finish saying it. Gaining Deliah's trust would be something hard to do, and also being loyal. She already has people she does that to, but not much.

Goals: Deliah's goal is to find out who had murdered her and why that step was taken. Her other goal is to take a trip to Russia, just to see beautiful structures of buildings.

Likes: Deliah likes to make decorations for big and small events. She likes it when people are creative and kind, letting her do whatever she wants or needs to. She also likes food. She'd hog it most of the time.

Dislikes: Deliah hates the mention of 'starvation', hoping to help the person of animal. She doesn't like it when people are pushy and mean, always picking on her and people and not letting her do anything. Deliah hates it when she isn't able to do something she wants to or is important.

Fears: Rats. I mean, she befriends all sorts of animals, but rats aren't her type. They could really hurt her. She's afraid of her closet being open when she's asleep. She believes nothing is in there, but it's so dark and spooky!! Deliah is scared of losing her family, and remembering how her life was stolen from her.

How you died?: She was walked up to from behind and stabbed before being shot down after almost escaping. January 1, 2000. Death arrival.

Family: Brother and Sister

Other Family: Cousins Jake and Marian

History: It was a Saturday night, cold and harsh rain pouring down. The cry of a baby awoke from inside a cheap, old cabin hospital. Deliah was born. Five years later, Mother was shot down by a drunk criminal. Two years later, Deliah was 7. Father died of a heart attack. Next year, her eldest sister, Eliza, died of cancer. Jake and Marian, age 17, older than Kira and Jace, brother and sister, moved in. Deliah cried and cried until December 1, 1999. She felt very important of the family because she was paying teh bills. December 31,1999, someone broke into the house. Each family member hid by themselves. Deliah was found, they hurt her. January 1, 2000, Deliah's heart stopped at exactly 12:00.

--I'll finish this later--
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PostSubject: Re: Hiranu Fujikosi, Deliah   Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:09 pm


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Hiranu Fujikosi, Deliah
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