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 Why are there races?

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PostSubject: Why are there races?   Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:51 pm


So I was asked why there are different races avaliable.

Besides the fact that I like to make different races. I do have a story behind that.

As we all know there are two different realms. Well... actually there are more. There are three known realms at the moment. One of which was completely destroyed. That realm was destroyed the same day as the second Hanshou burst into flames. At the time the Widow that cast her curse didn't know about the other realms. She didn't know that Hanshou had already been cursed. Hanshou was built on a magical land. It was built on the intersection of all the realms. That makes it possible for the people of the other realms to travel through Hanshou like the rest of the Earth Realm. Well the realm that was destroyed had people of all different races there. Some of the most common ones were the nekos and elves. A lot of the people who lived in that realm escaped thanks to the Spirit Gatekeeper. When the curse was cast by the Widow the other realm's people were also affected by the curse. Many of them stayed around Widow's Woods until the rebuilding of Hanshou came about. They made a deal with the first Mayor of Hanshou. The deal was that they would be able to live peacefully in Hanshou if they helped with the rebuilding.

That is why there are different races.
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Why are there races?
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