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 Simnia Kirato, Emma

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PostSubject: Simnia Kirato, Emma   Sun Nov 29, 2009 5:13 pm

Broken Spirit Payback

First Name: Emma

Middle Name: Simnia

Last Name: Kirato

Nicknames: Emmi-Chan, Emmi-Sama, E-S-K

Age/Gender: 21/Female

Race: Half Angel/Half Neko

Position in Town: Police Officer

Appearance: Emma has blond hair with a mix of brown and orange, not shown in picture. You can see her with fake-buttoned blouses and skinny jeans and plaid flats when off duty. She wears rose or ribbon ribbons or headbands. When on duty, she wears the police hat, has her gun and tazer, and wears her uniform as you can see. When doing some stuff, she would wear blue clothes and her gun to resemble her uniform to show that she's doing something important.

Weapon: Emma usually uses a gun when on duty, but her real weapon are daggers. They are useful for throwing at enemies when the enemy is too dangerous to be close to. And when she needs to be close, she can hold onto them and attack, so they are very handy. The daggers have a touch of steel and bronze, you never know what kind of monster you attack.

Power: Emma's power is like Kevin's in Ben 10. She touches a type of metal or wood, and she turns into it. It's useful since what the criminals break are usually some type of metal, and they can hurt the bad people.

Personality/Attitude: She's what you call 'a person with good taste in things.' Not always. She likes to choose whatever she needs and wants by herself. She isn't a group-like person and likes to defeat criminals herself. Emma isn't one to give up nor let go of when already settled down or duty taken away. She isn't ruthless or mean all the time, it's just when she wants to.

Goals: Earn Chief Police stand. Right now she's assistant. Go to New York for her birthday. Earn a new gun. Hers is getting smeared.

Likes: Food. Vacation. Working, ironic though.

Dislikes: Going on a mission. Not getting told or accepted for something or about something. Getting annoyed.

Fears: Sleeping with people who snore. Losing her job.

Special Skill: Emma has the ability to jump high. "P'shaw! I can jump!" Is what you may be thinking or saying. But can you jump up to ten feet? I didn't think so. Emma can't even jump up that high, but eight feet is well enough, sometimes nine. Anyways, it helps with her job. When chasing criminals, they knock stuff over to create an obstacle for her. She can jump over them and catch up to the criminal.

Bad Habbits: Emma's great big bad habit is to forget to tie her shoes. During office work, or her usual walk, she trips over her shoelaces. That's why on duty, she wears stiff flats that wouldn't come off until she wants it to.

Family: Emma lives with her mother and brother.

Other Family: Grandma Jenny, Cousin Kyo, Cousin Samantha-Sam for short-.

History: Emma was born on March 14, 1988. My birthday except for the year. She has grown up in a wonderful mansion on beautiful sunny, and sometimes snowy, years. She's never actually went through a family trouble, except when her father decided to leave them for another woman, which her mother argued and yelled and cried for weeks.
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PostSubject: Re: Simnia Kirato, Emma   Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:51 pm

((Approved. Moving.))

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Simnia Kirato, Emma
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