Where the spirits earn their way to the beyond by helping out the living and breathing in Hanshou Town.
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 Mizumi, Seion

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PostSubject: Mizumi, Seion   Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:53 pm

Broken Spirit Payback

First Name: Seion

Middle Name: Kirai

Last Name: Mizumi

Nicknames: Sei, Eon, Wolfy-chan

Age/Gender: 15/Male

Race: Neko: Wolf

Position in Town: Student at Dusk High

Appearance: Seion has messy black hair that constantly falls in his face. It never stays how he puts it no matter how long or much he works on it. He has dark maroon red eyes that most say can pierce through the very soul of a person. He has dark grey wolf ears that tend to lay flat and a bush dark grey tail with a lighter underside. Seion tends to wear loose fitting clothes. His favorite outfit is a long-sleeve white shirt under a dark purple vest hoodie with black cargo pants that are tucked into black combat boots. He tends to wear a dark purple belt and white and black checkered wrist band. He also wears a black chocker with a small silver bell on it. Seion is on the short side only being about 5 feet 2 inches at the age of 15. He is also on the pale side since he doesn't like to be in the sun for hours at a time. He is incredibly fragile looking though he has a lithe build.

Weapon: Seion uses a broad sword. His sword is completely black. Not just any black though a deep coal black. On the hilt of his sword is a red ruby. There is also a very fragile looking chain that connects to Seion's wrist band. The blade of the sword has a silver wolf etched on it. The sheath is black and has the same picture of the wolf on it. Seion tends to wear the sword in the sheath on his back.

Power: Seion can see the connections and relations between people. If his sword is attached to his wrist band then he can severe these connections which are usually a thin strand. The strands all vary in shade since the color tells how deep the connection between the two people is. The strands vary in color since the color tells what kind of reltationship the two have. Seion can tell the difference between spirits and humans since spirits don't have these threads connecting them to others. The drawback for this is that is strains Seion's eyes. He wears contacts that block out these strands unless he feels his power is needed.

Personality/Attitude: Seion is very introverted. His mother blames that on the lack of a father figure in his childhood. Seion has never trusted people easiy, and he likes to do things by himself. He will never leave anything unsolved, but he has no problem leaving people to fend for themselves. He can be quite nice when he wants to, but he usually doesn't want to. He can accurately play false emotions across his face and keep his true emotions buried deep inside his heart. He is the only living being that seems to fully understand that something bad happened in Hanshou Town many, many, many years ago. Seion has a limitless curiosity which gets him in trouble a lot. The saying, "Curiosity killed the cat...uh...wolf neko." fits him perfectly.

Goals: 1) To learn how to survive on his own; 2) To get revenge for the death of his father; 3) To figure out what happened in Hanshou Town thousand of years ago; 4) Meet the rulers of the Spirits

Likes: The moon, night, darkness, quiet, peace, the woods, books, the cold, spirits, and music

Dislikes: The sun, day, light, noise, chaos. the lake, most people, not knowning things, and heat

Fears: Being abandoned by everything and everyone he knowns, Moonless nights, and Falling into Myrtle Lake

Special Skill: Seion is extremely artistic. He can draw just about anything he has seen once from memory and have it just about perfect. His drawings usually have the threads that connect people in them though which makes it hard for most people to understand them. Seion unlike most wolf nekoes is not athletic.

Bad Habbits: Seion's bad habbit is that he tends to go off into his own world all the time. He doesn't try to make friends or interact with his few friends. He just sits there and goes off into Lala Land for hours and hours. He can sit there and write or draw while his mind is somewhere far away. He is easily brought back to reality, but he tends to start drifting off again very quickly.

Family: Hezaa Mizumi - mother
Dekite Mizumi - father (dead, already in beyond)

Other Family: Kurin Suzuki - older cousin

History: Seion grew up in a small cottage located on the very edge of Widow's Woods. He never knew about the myths that surround those woods. He didn't know that deep in the woods there lived a killer. One day when Seion was three he was wondering in the deep woods when he happened upon the killer's hideout. His father just happened to be hunting about that deep as well since when Seion screamed his father was there in a few seconds. His father and the killer fought. Dekite Mizumi was badly wounded, but the killer had been killed. Dekite carried his son all the way back home before he died in his wife's arms. After that Hezaa moved further into town with her older sister. Her older sister's husband had also died, and a year after the Mizumis moved in Hezaa's sister died. Seion and Kurin did everything they could to try and cheer Hezaa up, but nothing worked. One day while they were walking home from school they meet a pair of twins who had just moved to town. Seion instantly recognized that the female twin wasn't alive. The male twin though was very much alive and suffering. Kurin and Seion took the boy under their wings while his sister moved on with her duties as a spirit under the Gatekeeper. Seion, Kurin, and the boy, Yuki, became as close as humanly possible in three short years. By that time the boys were ten while Kurin was twelve. It was once again time for the annual town picnic at Myrtle Lake. The three participated whole-heartedly until Seion's row boat began to sink. The whole town went into a frenzy, and Hezaa was finally snapped out of her pool of self pity. She was the only one who reacted fast enough to save her son. Now five years later Seion, Hezaa, and Kurin live happily in town with Yuki and his parents as their neighbors. Scars still linger though. Their nasty claws are buried deep in Seion's heart. He longs to find a way to revenge his dad, and he longs to find out what exactly happened in Hanshou Town many thousands of years ago that caused all the spirits to stick around.
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Mizumi, Seion
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