Where the spirits earn their way to the beyond by helping out the living and breathing in Hanshou Town.
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 Akai, Beru ~ or ~ Akai, Kesa (split-personality)

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PostSubject: Akai, Beru ~ or ~ Akai, Kesa (split-personality)   Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:43 pm

Broken Spirit Payback

First Name: Beru {Kesa}

Middle Name: Kesa {Beru}

Last Name: Akai

Nicknames: Oohi, Bell (Beru), Scarlet (Kesa)

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Class: Queen Spirit - Beru/Lady Spirit - Kesa

Appearance: Beru has short white hair that is cut in a pixie style. This means that her hair is shorter in the back and longer in the front. The front part of her hair reaches about her shoulders while the back reaches the base of her skull. She has large red eyes that display her emotions quite well. Beru is extremely small and fragile looking which she is. She is also extremely pale. Her child-like appearance makes it hard for most to see her as Queen. She tends to wear a shoulder-less floor-length white dress under a short-sleeve dark purple cloak. Her outfit is accented by gold on the puffy sleeves of her cloak and on the rim of her white dress. She also wears two large gold bells around her neck that are held in place by a red ribbon. She wears white flats that have gold bows on the top of them. She also wears a dark purple cap on her head.

Power: Beru has a power referred to as psychokinesis. Examples of psychokinesis could include distorting or moving an object, and influencing the output of a random number generator. Beru can move just about anything as long as she pays attention. She must pay absolute attention to big things that she tries to move, but she has to pay less when it is a smaller thing. This is extremely useful for the physically weak Beru. The drawback is that she gets headaches that vary in strength depending on how much stuff she moved around.

Personality/Attitude: Beru is also positive. She never lets anything get her down...usually. She has been known to have her quiet and serious moments, but those don't come around very often. She is usually very up-beat and loud. She likes to cling to people, and she most likely doesn't have a serious bone in her body. She is never strict, but she never really pays attention to things. She has the mind-set of a child.
Beru calls her more serious and down-to-earth side 'Kesa'. Kesa is hardly ever seen. She has shown to be very sadistic and uncaring. She is also very devious and cunning. Things change a lot in Lilac Tower when Kesa comes out.

Goals: 1) To help as many people as possible before she must pass on the crown and move on; 2) Have has many tea parties with the King and the Gatekeeper as she can

Likes: Candy, violins, plush toys, bunnies, Seion, small children, bedtime stories, tea parties, and happy endings

Dislikes: Most meat, drums, scary monsters, bullies, Hezaa, old people, history books, paperwork, and sad endings

Fears: Extremely cold nights, Extremely hot days, and All the children disappearing from the face of the Earth

How you died?: Beru died many miles away from Hanshou in London. She had just gotten home from school one day when the apartment building she lived in with her grandparents burnt to the ground. Her grandparents were out that day so Beru was the only one to die and join her parents...even though she has yet to join them.

Family: Unknown

Other Family: The King Spirit - cousin
The Gatekeeper - cousin
Yoake Kyoku - adopted neice

History: Beru was the daughter of a French cheif and a London fashion designer. She was always the joy of her parents' life until they died in a car crash while coming to pick her up from school on a stormy day. After that she was forced to move in with her mother's parents who hated her. They hated her until the day she died, and they probably still hate her now. Beru was one of those spirits that was gifted with an extremely strong desire to help people and not pass on. It didn't take long for the Queen before her to pass on the title. Beru has been the Spirit Queen for many, many years. She has helped countless humans, and she has yet to break a single law. She is considered the kindest of the three rulers but also the slowest. She has made it one of her life goals to bug the Spirit King and the Gatekeeper with tea parties until she passes on though she hopes she never has to pass on.
Beru devolped her split personality in an unfortunate accident. The same day that her parents died in a car crash, Beru was pushed down the front stairs of her school. The rain somewhat softened her impact, but the impact was bad all the same. She ended up hitting her head really hard. Soon after she awoke from a three week coma she was told that her parents were dead. She didn't say a word for three more weeks after that. She next time she did. It wasn't Beru who was talking. It was someone else who was more serious and more devious. Beru's grandmother named that said 'Kesa.' Beru later took Kesa as her middle name since she thought her other side had disappeared. That side really hadn't. Her name alternates from Beru Kesa Akai to Kesa Beru Akai because of this.
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Akai, Beru ~ or ~ Akai, Kesa (split-personality)
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